Hotel Furniture

If you have been keen enough you must have realised that most hotels have unique furniture. Be it chairs, tables, couches, or beds, hoteliers capitalise on uniqueness to promote their brand image. One way to create this unique, elegant atmosphere is to use restored furniture. This not only protects your brand but is also a cost-effective option compared to buying new furniture. Let us look at some reasons why you should buy restored furniture for your hotel.

Extra information about restored furniture

Cost Effectiveness

The bottom line is that all businesses are about minimising costs while maximising income. Buying furniture that has been restored saves you a lot of money and end up getting something unique. To stuff a standard guest room with contemporary furniture costs upwards of £2,000 including all hidden costs. However, you can get the same furniture at half the price or less if you go for refurbished items.


One advantage of touched-up furniture is that they have been tried, their weaknesses identified, and eventually eliminated. This guarantees you longer service before the need for repair than if you invested in new furniture. Just like houses or steel structures, furniture of the past featured better workmanship than those made today. In fact, most of the old furniture only needs little face lift to be restored to their former glory.

Environmental Responsibility

With the rising calls to embrace green technology in the U.K and around the globe, it makes since to opt for restored furniture. Making new furniture consumes a lot of timber and energy as well as other natural resources. On the other hand, restoring hotel furniture means less carbon dioxide is released hence protecting the environment.


What about treating your customers to a beautifully antiqued Old England armchair? What about a Cornelio desk for the bar? Old is gold, and that turns out to be true with refurbished furniture. There is always a desire to reconnect with the past, and used furniture works the trick. While you may not be lucky enough to get century-old pieces of furniture, decorating your hotel with 70's or 80's equipment is rewarding enough. You never know how many additional customers this could draw to your business.

The Restoration Process

A lot of stereotype surrounds use of restored furniture to the extent that some hotel owners are hesitant to buy it. This should not be the case given the great care given during the restoration process. Fear for bad odours or termites should not arise as long as you get furniture from a trusted dealer.

Furniture restoration is a sensitive process that begins with carefully cleaning the edges to remove oil and any other contaminants. Light sanding then follows to promote bonding during repair. To ensure conformity, colour-matched fill is used to fill any defects. Glaze which has also been custom-matched is applied for perfect blending and sealing of fills. Finally, at least three coats of pre-catalysed lacquer or a similar alternative are applied.


Buying refurbished furniture for your hotel has so many benefits. This strategy is not only cost effective but draws more customers to your business. Reward your business today by introducing those recycled, beautifully crafted furniture from the past.